10 Tips for Using Herbs and Spices

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5. Use dried when you can.

Dried herbs are typically cheaper than fresh – and they last much longer. Try using them in place of fresh, particularly if the recipe only calls for a small amount of the fresh.

6. Store dried herbs well.

They should be stored away from heat – so don’t put them above the stove. Also avoid moisture and direct sunlight. Stored properly, dried herbs should last about 1 year.

7. Look for dried herbs and spices sold in bulk.

Buy just the amount you need for the recipe. This is particularly helpful if you do not use this spice often.

8. Make your own spice mixes.

You will likely use the individual spices much more often than you’ll use a mix. Remember, the idea is to avoid waste. Try these ideas for homemade spice mixes.

9. Check ethnic food aisles or stores.

They often have much cheaper prices for the same ingredient.

10. Substitute with more commonly used herbs or spices.

Whether fresh or dried, if a recipe calls for something you don’t have on hand and probably won’t use again, use a more common item. Never heard of cardamom? No problem – use ginger or cinnamon instead. Check out these common herb and spice substitutions (PDF).

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