15 Best Headphones for Movie Lovers

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#2. AudioTechnica ATH-M40x

AudioTechnica’s microphones are very renowned among gaming lovers and YouTubers. Along with quality mics, they manufacture amazing headphones as well.

The first thing you would notice about this headphone is nothing but its bigger size. The box itself is very larger. In the box, you will get the headphone with a pair of cables (a normal one and a coiled one). Both of them supports 3.5 mm audio jack only.

I love the design of this headphone with matte finish and silver shade of the AT branding. Even though the device is bigger, you can’t find equally big ear cups.

Are you thinking about the hearing comfort now? Don’t worry. ATH-M40x is the perfect headphone for movie lovers. Even if you use this headphone for long hours, you will feel uncomfortable and a pinch of warmth as well.

Only one connectivity option is available that’s via cables.

Under $100, you are getting an amazing headphone for watching movies, which can deliver crispy sounds even if it’s of higher frequencies.

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