5 Reasons not to buy Bluetooth headphones

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3) You’re paying extra when you don’t need to

Bluetooth headphones are undeniably convenient when you discount the headaches associated with having to charge the damn thing. However, when you’re paying $50-100 more for the same set of headphones—and the wired version works just as well—you may want to just save the money to spend on better things.

Better things include:

  • A good number of cafe trips
  • Putting it into a Roth IRA
  • Investing in a better phone
  • Showing that special someone you care
  • A good steak or bottle of scotch

Everyone has that point where the extra cash is worth it for the convenience, but truthfully not everyone can throw around cash willy-nilly. Students, for example, should really be doing what they can to maximize their “textbook” budget—and $50 buys a lot of really cheap beer.

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