7 Useful Tips for Cooking with Herbs

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4. Learn to love dried herbs.

Some cooks might turn up their noses at dried herbs, preferring fresh in all cases, but if you know how to use them, dried herbs can be the best for your dish. The key to success is restocking your dried herbs regularly, and for an extra punch of flavor, try rubbing them between your fingertips, which will release any oil that’s left in the leaves.

5. Understand the lingo.

Do you know the difference between “minced parsley” and “parsley, minced” when listed in a recipe’s ingredients? The former means you should mince the parsley before you measure it, while the latter means you should measure the parsley and then mince it. Complicated, right? The good news is that with leafy herbs like parsley you’ll end up with about the same amount, so don’t worry too much about the order.

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